Disgaea D2: Prinny Preservation Society

Are you tired of your Prinny comrades exploding when you toss them? Do you want your Prinnies to live long and fruitful lives? Well in Disgaea D2 there’s a way to make it so that Prinnies no longer go BOOM! when you toss them.

In Disgaea D2 you can make that favorite Prinny team member safe from the after effects of being tossed by mucking about with Evilities. It takes a lot of work and may result in one or two serious fights with demon lawmakers, but it’s ultimately worth the effort.

When you become friendly enough with someone in D2 through the friend system, an option will come up in the Dark Assembly that allows you to take their Evility. In D2 Prinnies have an Evility related to their explosive nature. If you have enough mana and are very very friendly with your Prinny, you can petition the Dark Assembly to take his Evility from him.

Once you do, your Prinny will be explosion free and ready to be tossed without fear of damage or death!

Of course, you can also steal Evilities from other characters too, so giving your Prinny a new Evility is as easy as making friends with him. Then he can simply go to the Dark Assembly, petition the Demon Senators and get the bill passed. As is usually the case with these unruly politicians, you’ll either have to bribe them heavily with items, give them a lot of cash, or persuade them all with a savage beating, so it is best to attempt getting these bills passed at higher levels.

The only caveat to taking someone’s Evility is that they lose it permanently, so make sure that if you are stealing it, you really want it and they don’t really need it. It should also be noted that sometimes – particularly in the case of taking on the Prinny’s Evility (which will make you explosive when you get it) – you’ll want to petition the Dark Assembly to remove an Evility. But if you have taken more than one Evility and you ask for an Evility removal it will get rid of all the extra Evilities you took.

Just something to think about.

Getting someone else’s Evility can take some time but doing so can change the very nature of how a particular character like a Prinny behaves. In D2, for the first time, we can finally have a Prinny that we don’t have to handle with kid gloves, and that’s a wonderful thing.

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